That way the group of robotics gets ready for Lego's competition.

Taking into account the theme of durability of the robot, It is a design that consists of a solid construction where there is no need of reparations and each scoundrel keeps a role in specific, There are chips of surpluses that can affect the construction of this; In front of the mechanical efficiency we considered that he is making out of a correct use all the pieces and the necessary time to make some modifications, In the utilization of the pieces, The construction of a capable mechanism to adapt oneself, Like the man to a diverse number of stocks that autonomy and multi-functionality coincide in bigger or minor degree according to the characteristics of the construction and, The utilization of the different gears and torques's change by means of rotations to guarantee a bigger force, Skillful action in the motors, in order that the realization of the different challenges becomes more effective.




The complexity of programming makes it a robot with only privileges for what this will be efficient, At the time of being executed under the specific programming, he is developed in the so-called software MINDSTORMS NXT, doing MY's utilization BLOGS to do a most complex programming but more effective at the time of accomplishing any activity, your efectuation becomes under the supervision of a qualified and instructional excellent grade that it knows the programming's field and his specific parameters that will be used in his programming development with the different pupils. 




This is one of the more important processes for the robot, it is one of the steps which always his mechanisms have to be efficient in at the time of making the various tasks, since his party of engineering is dedicating herself to the development of the hardware and her programming as well as the mechanical parts of the robot, makes it a capable robot to assume the challenges of the competition FOOD FACTOR. In the invention we can show the robot's design which in between the designing complexity makes it a different robot for which be has been assigned for him the name of ” BLEAK FLAMENCO ” thanks to your similitude with this exotic bird.





The robot construction is pretty solid, does bobs and with high velocity. We use a certain quantity of exact pieces having the condition that at both sides they have the same function but with different pieces. In the part of equilibrium the robot has good performance because the pieces are well-distributed and has a force of void lever.

Mobility of the robot:

For facility of the motion of the robot in the clue four his tires were put, where two of them are encouraged by a motor, at the back he has two freewheels for which two gears were used.

Have a third motor, it is located on the top of the robot giving more reach for most of challenges in the clue, and he created for himself a rigid structure that has the capacity of bearing the weight of the mechanisms and the force of lever that they produce.

Structure of the robot:

In this depart we added a basic storage box in order to be able to collect the different viruses from the clue, for the angle of the brain we had a little invention since we used an angle that generates more comfort at the time of sending the robot to the clue to us.


The programming of the novice robot became through the Creation of several MY BLOCKS, whose function is that this is more compact and that the robot has more ease of movement in the clue.

A complement (sensor of tact) for the union of several programmings was used, in order to obtain better performance in the clue, since time is very limited. This robot had a kind of more stylized programming and automated to comparison of the model accomplished in the previous competition, since in this a color sensor was used where we did not take into account the intensity of varied light in the different spaces, modifying the whole programming that way.



The name of the robot is: Phoenix, our new version, yes to be a most rigid, elegant robot names itself, with more mobility. Besides some mechanisms come apart without difficulty.