This project was born as a proposal of the Professor of technology , to use the laboratories that have been built in the institution, in the which  is implements the 3d robots

It starts in the month of August with 20 young people in eighth grade, which responded with great enthusiasm and commitment. This process was supported by a student of electronic engineering from the University of Antioquia, Ricardo Andrés Buitrago, who brought their knowledge and teaching for student learning.

In the institutional sample, 10 young showed visitors their knowledge and expectations.

It ended as a very meaningful experience for students and with many questions for the coming year.


This year has been of great achievements, the students continued with many expectations and with great interest to continue the process of robotics. We started in the incripciòn with the wave program, which supports the investigative side. However the adolescents are worried by the pràctica.

Mr Ricardo Andrés Buitrago,  presents a very ambitious, but quite interesting proposal to the institution. Then when you are presented to the proposal at  Association of graduates of the Asia Ignaciana, who have collaborated with the institution in many processes,  we receive from them a   economic contributionThe Robotics group for this year is made up of 20 The Robotics group for this year is made up of 20 students as well: 13  grade nine and seven  of grade 8.

We started the research process with waves and the consulting provided by Park Soft, from the month of April

In July we received two Kits of Lego Mindstorms, donated by Asia Ignatian and the research contribution by Park Soft and the donation of 10 Electronics kits.Thanks to these two sponsors we consolidate our Robotics Group in the institution.

To give a group organization, this was divided into three lines: lego with 9 students, electronics with 6 students and research with 5 students.



More than expected was the cherished, it was more than a dream, these systems are important to begin to demonstrate to society the potential loyolista that we and characterizes us. Of course, always will give thanks to the Ignatian Asia for all his contribution by be aware of us, very thanks for part   of Group of robotics, for everything, by the Union that grabs us so strong will show  the best, to break goals, to break down barriers by the whole city.




It is amazing to write one of the experiences never expected so soon, it's truly amazing to be the Robotics group who took away one of the best moments of history of the school Loyola. Yes, the Robotics group that is formed every day stronger, with more courage to demonstrate that love is power;but to make this happen, he had to have characters, he had to have people who made functions, therefore, give thanks to Ricardo Buitrago Advisor and teacher Clementina Buitrago, pygmalion, the Asia Ignaciana  and the Loyola College to the science and innovation, for them, they deserve everything, thanks for the efforts,  and courage they had to show us in a first step that   if possible Thank you. In short, "Robolution Loyola team, have a lot to do".